Create Your Own Brew
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Posted 4/03/2014 4:00am by Matilda Bay

For 30 years we’ve been having some fun with our brews, perfecting our range by trying some outrageous combinations.

Together with Liquorland we are giving you the chance to beat us at our own game and create your very own brew. We’ll get you and 3 mates down to our Port Melbourne Brewery to brew your signature beer with our Head brewer Scott Vincent and then get you back to sample your brew when it’s ready.

Head to your local Liquorland and buy any 2 x six packs or carton of your favourite Matilda Bay beer. Hold on to your receipt and then tell us in 25 words or less the name and what style of beer you would brew.

Don’t forget we’ll be judging you on the inventiveness of your flavours and of course the name of your brew. We put great importance on the names, that’s why we have a collective of Redbacks, Beez, Grannies and Yaks.

Go on, give it your best shot and enter here.

Competition opens at 9AM AEDT 05.03.2014 and closes at 11.59PM AEDT 31.03.2014 Read full terms and conditions here.

Brewery Bar and Kitchen
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Posted 11/12/2013 5:30am by Matilda Bay

We don’t just love to brew beer, we also love to share it and at the Matilda Bay Brewery Bar Kitchen we serve our full range of beers and cider including small batch brews and seasonal specials. To complement our brews our team of chefs, brewery staff and brewers have collaborated to bring you a carefully crafted menu of share plates and larger dishes designed to pair perfectly with the Matilda Bay range. Our bar and kitchen just so happens to be located smack, bang, in the middle of the brewery, if you are interested in knowing the inner workings enquire at the bar about our brewery tours .


Meet the brewer

Posted 18/02/2013 11:30pm by Matilda Bay

Opening Hours



Tuesday – Thursday: 11.30am – 10.00pm

Friday – Saturday: 11.30am – 11pm


Open lunch and dinner Tuesday – Saturday

Sunday – Monday: Closed

Easter trading hours:

Thursday 17th April – 11.30am – 11.00pm

Friday 18th April - Monday 21st April - Closed

Tuesday 22nd April – 11.30am – 10.00pm


Friday 25th April,  ANZAC day – Normal trading hours (and the big game will be on!)



Matilda Bay Brewery, Port Melbourne

89 Bertie Street

Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

Catch tram 109 to Port Melbourne to stop 127 North port  



Phone: 03 9673 4545

Chocolate Tart
Meet the brewer

Posted 17/12/2013 4:00am by Matilda Bay

It is unanimous within the Brewery that Dogbolter has a best mate; Chocolate. Dark, slightly sweet chocolate is a perfect match for the intense roasted caramel, chocolate malt and wheat in Dogbolter. So our team at the brewery has conjured up a decadent and absolutely moreish Chocolate Tart. It's perfect over the Christmas period, we reckon. Give it a crack and send us some photos over Facebook - we'd love to see your efforts.

Beer Match: Dogbolter Dark Lager

Serves: 10



Plain Flour - 320gm

Dark cocoa powder - 2 tbs

Caster Sugar - 2/3 cup

Cold, Diced Butter - 160gm

Eggs - 2 Whole

Combine all ingredients except eggs and blend until the mixture looks like bread crumbs. Add eggs mixing until combined. Kneed the dough until smooth then flatten, wrap and rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. Roll the pastry so that its 3mm thick and place it in a greased tart tin. Trim the edges and rest the pastry in the fridge for 15 minutes. Blind bake the pastry at 180˚C for 10 minutes, then remove the baking paper and bake it for a further 5-10 minutes, or until its firm.

White Chocolate Filling

White Chocolate Buttons - 2/3 cup

Diced Butter - 60gm

Cream - 315ml

2 Whole Eggs

2 Egg Yolks

Melt the chocolate, butter and cream in a bowl. Stir in the eggs and the egg yolks. Pour the white chocolate filling into the tart shell and bake it for 15 minutes with no fan until it has set. The tart should be 70˚C in the centre. Cool to room temperature.

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Dark chocolate buttons - 1 1/2 cups

Cream - 250ml

Melt the chocolate buttons and cream in a bowl and whisk. Ice the tart with the ganache and set in the fridge

Alpha maple glazed ham with French baguette
Meet the brewer

Posted 17/12/2013 12:15am by Matilda Bay

Ham? How could we not? With complex fruit and citrus aromas, our Alpha Pale Ale is a natural pair for pork. In this recipe we offset the richness of our ham with the citrusy Alpha, sweet Maple Syrup and umami of the Soy Sauce to create a symphony on a fresh baguette with butter. You need this in your life, you really do.


Beer Match: Alpha Pale Ale

Serves: Depends on the size of the ham



Alpha Pale Ale - 1 cup

Sweet soy sauce - 1/2 Cup

Pure maple syrup - 1/2 Cup

Brown sugar - 1/2 Cup

Water - 1/2 Cup

Crushed Star Anise - 1tsp 

Crushed Cumin – 1tsp

Fresh ground ginger – 1tsp 

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat.

Smoked leg ham - Bone In

Score the ham skin and rub it with sea salt. Brush the ham generously with the glaze and cook it in an oven at 125˚C for one hour, brushing the ham with the glaze every 15 minutes. Remove the ham from the oven, pour over the remainder of the glaze and stand it at room temperature for 20 minutes.  Serve with fresh French baguette and butter.

Brewery Tours
Meet the brewer

Posted 13/12/2013 4:30am by Matilda Bay

Beer comes first here. As it should. We love to show people around the brewery but have to wait until the brewers have knocked off for the day (safety first...) We run tours on Saturdays at 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Brewery Tours are $20 per person, which includes a tasting paddle at the end of your tour. Bookings are essential and group numbers are limited to 15. To book email or come down to the brewery and ask one of our staff.

Recipe - Braised Lamb Shoulder with Bohemian Pilsner
Meet the brewer

Posted 11/07/2013 12:00am by Matilda Bay

• 1kg Lamb Shoulder
• 1 Carrot
• 1 Celery
• 1 Onion
• 3 cloves of garlic
• Rosemary
• 1 bottle of Bohemian Pilsner
Heat oil in pot. Place Lamb fat side down and sear Lamb Shoulder to give a nice colour on each side. Add mixed vegetables (celery, carrot, onion, garlic, and rosemary). Glaze the lamb and pot with a bottle of Bohemian Pilsner and heat until boiling. Add Chicken Stock until Lamb is ¾ submerged. Cook in the oven for 6 hours at 90 degrees or overnight on the lowest setting. 

Seasonal vegetables and potato mint mash


• 12 Dutch carrots
• 4 halved fennels

• 600gm Kipfler potatoes
• 2 tablespoons of butter
Once lamb is cooked, add seasonal vegetables to the lamb pot in the liquid. Cook until vegetables are tender.
Steam Kipfler potatoes in a steamer. Add cooked potatoes to a separate pot. Place butter on top of potatoes. Season with salt and pepper and crush potatoes and butter together with a fork. Add fresh mint, ripped and mixed through at the end so as to not overcook.
Once Shoulder and vegetables are cooked, serve up. Make sure you remove the large flat bone from the Shoulder. Pour cooking liquid over lamb shoulder.

Matilda Bay's Growler Station
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Posted 26/06/2013 1:00am by Matilda Bay

Did you know we have a Growler station at the brewery?

It’s like taking a jerry can home to fill your mower. But instead of filling your mower, you fill you - with our small batch and staple brews.

All you need is a $20 deposit for a Matilda Bay growler and about $16.50-22 to re-fill it with 1.9L of beery goodness.

What are you waiting for?

Population 8 brews

$16.5 per 1890ml Growler
Top Shelf (Alpha and Dogbolter)
$22 per 1890ml Growler
Small Batch
Barking Duck Saison - $22
Black Boris - $30
Abbey Collaby - $30

Note: We only fill and re-fill Matilda Bay branded growlers as we swap all returning growlers with a clean and sanitised one. If you've got a different growler you can trade one in for a Matilda Bay growler (no deposit fee).

Recipe - Dirty Granny Mulled Cider
Meet the brewer

Posted 21/06/2013 11:30pm by Matilda Bay

2 bottles of Matilda Bay’s Dirty Granny Cider
6 Allspice berries
8 Cloves
2 Cinnamon sticks
1 Vanilla bean pod cut in half length-ways
Zest of ¼ orange (cut into strips at the pith is fine)
1 Dessert spoon of soft brown sugar
Place all ingredients in a pot and cover. Heat to before boiling point and simmer for 30 – 45 minutes.

Serve in your favourite jam jar. Food Match – Grandma’s Apple & Plum Crumble

Recipe - Fat Yak with Roast Suckling Pork Shoulder
Meet the brewer

Posted 6/06/2013 6:30am by Matilda Bay

Roast Suckling Pig Shoulder with Fat Yak
1 suckling pig shoulder
1 clove garlic
1 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
20 grams fresh ginger
50 grams butter
¼ bunch sage
Murry river pink salt
15mls olive oil

In a pestle and mortar put the sage leaves (keeping the stalks for later).
Grind till sage breaks down to a green fine salt.
Stir through some more pink salt but keep in flakes.
Dry roast cinnamon and star anise to release maximum flavour
On a double layer of foil place the aromats, ginger, crushed garlic (just squash with the palm of your hand) butter and sage stalks.
Put Pork shoulder on top and roll up the edges of foil to protect the meat leaving all the skin exposed.
Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with sage salt.
Place shoulder on a wire rack on a tray and put in a hot oven for about 30 mins till the skin goes golden and crispy.
Reduce oven temperature to about 130 degrees and slow roast for about 3 hours till meat is tender and can easily pull off the bone.
Let cool for about 30 mins in foil before serving to avoid meat drying out.
Serve with apple sauce, your choice of vegetables and a bottle of Fat Yak.

Scott the Head Brewer
Meet the brewer


Posted 17/02/2013 10:30am by Matilda Bay

Scott is the head brewer at Matilda Bay and likes to take his palate on regular Contiki holidays. Belgium, Germany, England, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Spain, France and the USA… These are all places you’d find on his tour de craft beer. Not put off by past experimental back-firings, Scott loves to try his hand at new brews. Passionfruit is one of the flavours on his ambitious list. If he wasn’t a brewer, Scott would be a sparky, but given his hit rate as a craft brewer, it’s not something he’ll ever need to worry about.
What is a small batch?
Meet the brewer

Posted 21/01/2013 5:45am by Matilda Bay

One of the best things about being a brewer at Matilda Bay is constantly brewing beer. Pretty obvious really. In our never-ending quest for beer perfection, we have access to the best ingredients, the collective wisdom of six full-time brewers, each with a lifetime of brewing experience (well, at least a dog’s lifetime — some of us are a bit younger than others). We are only limited by time and our imagination (and ‘technically’ ‘the law’).

The best thing about visiting the Matilda Bay brewery is undoubtedly the chance to sample one of our small batch brews. You see, when a beer turns out particularly well, we put it on tap at the brewery bar. Yes, a brewery with a bar — and we work there. So come down and have some of our delicious food and famous beers. And — if you’re lucky — try a small batch brew. You can’t lose; it’ll either be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try a limited edition libation or potentially, a chance to sample the next big thing to come out of Matilda Bay. It’d be the dictionary definition of ‘limited-downside’ — if it were a word, rather than a made up hyphenated phrase. Find out more.

What is Top Shelf?
Meet the brewer

Posted 21/01/2013 3:00am by Matilda Bay

The beers on our Top Shelf have been around a long time - long enough to win us a stack of awards. They're our most-awarded beers but they're generally produced in smaller batches. Our Top Shelf beers aren't literally kept on the top shelf at Matilda Bay Brewery… but that might not be a bad idea. It would keep them out your line of sight so we can keep more than our fair share ourselves. They're that good. Find out more.

Meet the brewer

Posted 16/01/2013 7:00am by Matilda Bay

Starting life in 1984 as a company called “Brewtech” (very 80s) Matilda Bay Brewing Company was established by a group of local entrepreneurs all in their mid-twenties and all dissatisfied with the one-dimensional beer on offer in Australia.  They purchased a small pub called the Freemasons Hotel in Fremantle, Western Australia, installed a brewery and reopened as the Sail & Anchor Hotel. The brewery at the pub enabled the guys to control the quality and presentation of the beers and talk directly to the growing legions of converts.

Soon after this the rapidly expanding outfit acquired a property in Nedlands and opened as the Matilda Bay Brewery, producing its main brands Redback & Dogbolter as well as a raft of other specialty craft beers. At the same time the group had an expanding portfolio of hotels including the ‘Port Melbourne Brewing Co’ operating as the Redback Hotel in Flemington Road, North Melbourne.
In 1988 the Brewery again moved to bigger premises, an old renovated Ford factory in Stirling Highway, North Fremantle to continue to cater to the growing demand for Matilda Bay beers. In the early 90s Matilda Bay Brewing Company became a part of the CUB family – an arrangement that would see the beers reach truly national distribution.
In 2007 we relocated to the vibrant craft beer scene in Victoria, and continued brewing first in Dandenong and most recently at an old renovated Cadbury’s chocolate factory in Bertie St Port Melbourne, which includes a bar & restaurant – so we can again talk directly to our beer lovers.
Throughout the years we’ve produced some of Australia’s favourite specialty beers & ciders, and along the way bagged a swag of trophies and awards. Our highly regarded Head Brewer – Scott Vincent – leads our brewing team with pride as they continue on the mission established in 1984 at the Sail & Anchor Hotel.
Meet the brewer

Posted 16/01/2013 6:45am by Matilda Bay

1993 - Grand Champion Beer at the Australasian International Beer Awards
2008 - Best Australian Beer and Best Australian Wheat at the Australian Hotel Beer Awards
Alpha Pale Ale
2003 - Best in Class at the Australian Good Taste Beer Awards
2004 - Grand Champion Beer at the Australian Good Taste Beer Awards
2008 - Best Australian Ale at the Australian Hotel Beer Awards
2008 - Champion Beer at the Royal Beer Competition
2010 - Champion Draught Beer at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show
2011 - Champion Bottled Beer at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show
Premier Lager
2003 - Champion Reduced Alcohol Beer at the Australian International Beer Awards
Matilda Bay
2008 - Grand Champion Brewery at the Australian International Beer Awards
Dirty Granny
2011 - Best Australian Cider at the Australian Cider Awards

Meet the brewer

Posted 16/01/2013 6:15am by Matilda Bay

1988 - Redback Original
1995 - Alpha Pale Ale
1996 - Beez Neez
1998 - Dogbolter
2000 - Bohemian Pilsner
2008 - Fat Yak
2010 - Helga
2011 - Dirty Granny
2012 - I.G.P.

Chloe the Brewer
Meet the brewer


Posted 17/03/2013 7:15am by Matilda Bay

When a brewer tells you that they’d like to try out a peanut butter brew, first you laugh, then you take them very seriously. Meet Chloe the brewer. Chloe loves a cold pilsner with a pulled pork sandwich and dreams of one day sharing a cold one with none other than Snoop Dogg. Her ideal brewery would be perched on the side of a mountain surrounded by organic hop fields that overlook the ocean. This humble brewery also happens to be fed by fresh glacial waters. In the meantime, she’s happy to call Matilda Bay home.

Neil the Manager
Meet the brewer


Posted 21/02/2013 6:00am by Matilda Bay

According to Neil, manager at the Matilda Bay brewery, the best place to start your brewing career is at home. You get it right there, then you hassle people like him for a job. Neil loves the simple pleasures of a BBQ and some cold Redbacks and his ideal guest of honour would be Miss Universe (he wasn’t fussy enough to specify which year). When pressed on who would win a fight between beer brewers and winemakers, he didn’t really answer, but did have a question. What do those vinologists do for 9 months of the year anyway? Exactly.

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