Starting life in 1984 as a company called “Brewtech” (very 80s) Matilda Bay Brewing Company was established by a group of local entrepreneurs all in their mid-twenties and all dissatisfied with the one-dimensional beer on offer in Australia. They purchased a small pub called the Freemasons Hotel in Fremantle, Western Australia, installed a brewery and reopened as the Sail & Anchor Hotel. The brewery at the pub enabled the guys to control the quality and presentation of the beers and talk directly to the growing legions of converts.

Soon after this the rapidly expanding outfit acquired a property in Nedlands and opened as the Matilda Bay Brewery, producing its main brands Redback & Dogbolter as well as a raft of other specialty craft beers. At the same time the group had an expanding portfolio of hotels including the ‘Port Melbourne Brewing Co’ operating as the Redback Hotel in Flemington Road, North Melbourne.

In 1988 the Brewery again moved to bigger premises, an old renovated Ford factory in Stirling Highway, North Fremantle to continue to cater to the growing demand for Matilda Bay beers. In the early 90s Matilda Bay Brewing Company became a part of the CUB family – an arrangement that would see the beers reach truly national distribution.

In 2007 we relocated to the vibrant craft beer scene in Victoria, and continued brewing first in Dandenong and then at an renovated Cadbury’s chocolate factory in Bertie St Port Melbourne, and more recently the team is brewing down at Cascade in Tasmania, at Australia's Oldest Brewery.

Throughout the years we’ve produced some of Australia’s favourite specialty beers & ciders, and along the way bagged a swag of trophies and awards. Our highly regarded Head Brewer – Scott Vincent – leads our brewing team with pride as they continue on the mission established in 1984 at the Sail & Anchor Hotel.

The two-storey high copper kettles are originally from Germany

Part of the brewer’s assistant’s job was to ensure the copper kettles were polished every day so you could see your face in them